Was the 2005 MLB Draft the best ever in Major League Baseball history?

The MLB draft consists of a period defined by anxiety and uncertainty not only for the upcoming players, but also for the teams investing millions in the talented yet unproven young athletes. While first-round draftees carry the hope of success, glory and fame—the 2005 MLB draft exceeded everyone’s expectations by bringing into the majors a surplus of achievements, talent and superstars. And it just might be best draft Major League Baseball has ever seen.

We Witnessed: 2005 MLB DRAFT'

Title: Oral history of one of the best first rounds in Draft history

Publisher: MLB.com

Published: June 04, 2015

Featuring: Justin Upton (draftee), Ryan Braun (draftee), Troy Tulowitzki (draftee), Andrew McCutchen (draftee), Cameron Maybin (draftee), Andrew McCutchen(draftee), Clay Buchholz (draftee)

Abstract: Leading up to the 2005 MLB draft, names such as Justin Upton, Andrew McCutchen, and Troy Tulowitzki created a buzz that would humiliate the hums of honey bees surrounding any hive. While these young prospects, ranging from high-school phenoms to college-level stars, simply focused on making the leap toward major league success, the draft process presented a different dynamic in which control is relinquished for hope as hype, speculation, and uncertainty highjacks the upcoming spectacle. Ranging from unfulfilled pre-draft day promises to surveillance from private investigators– these players recount the journey of their careers from scouting hopefuls to MLB stars. Now in 2015, the 2005 MLB draft is remembered as one of the most successful draft classes in major league history. While many of the players of the first round have gone to prove themselves as baseball greats, did many of the other draftees fulfill the promises of their hopeful scouting reports? Click here to read more on the first-hand experiences of this exhilarating process and to see whether or not all of the players experienced what they were expecting in making the move into the Major Leagues.

These young prospects, ranging from high-school phenoms to college-level stars temporarily relinquish control over their talent in hopes of making the leap to major league success.


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